Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Musing about Life
The army bidded goodbye to 2 generals retiring recently. BG Tan Chuan Jin and MG Chan Chun Sing. Apparently they are going to contest for MP seats in the upcoming GE under the PAP.
Labelled as the "Big Guns" and potential successors for the 4th generation political leaders of Singapore- it came as a surprise to me that our PM himself described MG Chan as "a humble RI boy who started as a boy scout...became the Chief of Army..but not for long..."
At the same time, it is a little unsettling to discover how politics and military can go hand in hand- how retired army generals make their transition into politics seamlessly. Of course, their credentials are undisputable, however- this is not what i want to share today.

In the "goodbye" interview with TCJ, i found something particularly meaningful..."Among the several defining moments experienced by BG Tan during his army career, one of the most significant was during his Battalion Tactics Course when he was holding an appointment for an attack mission. He elaborated," I rememebered that as one of my lowest point in my life in our Army. The mission was going to bits and it was a hugely humbling experience as i realised that no one had a natural right to lead if he does not work hard at it and that we must always keep learning. We must work at our ability to lead, to inspire trust, respect and confidence, and to always maintain competency in the things we are expected to do."

How true!
As a general, there are so many potential career defining moments, but he choose to talk about a experience which portrayed him in a negative light, because he was talking not about his success, but one of his failures.
This lead me to wonder whether in life- failure allows one to learnt the most out of an experience?
失败乃成功之母. Now how true is that?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Define Success
A high paying job?
Recognition from others?
Successfully starting up your own business?
Being self-reliant?
Fame and popularity?
 Looking good?
Travelling to as many countries as possible?
Achieving a major milestone?
Having a set of goals and achieving them?
Emulating your role model?
Aspiring to be a role model for others?
Making people's lifes better?

Or is it something more?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Power Rangers
it struck me with a tinge sadness hearing mum reprimand brother for not keeping his house clean enough- resulting in my little nephew having rashes and blisters on his little legs. i guess a son will always be a child in the mother's eyes, no matter whether he's 13 or 30. she would still scold with the same verve and tenacity regardless. Just feel a little sorry for big bro and his ego. But he's a filial chap and i know he's holding back a retort out of love and respect for the one who's raised him up.
On a slightly happier note, i think it's really amazing that my nephew enjoys power ranger as much as i did when i was small. Heck, i would still watch snippets of the episode just for fun's sake. The amazing thing is that the series has changed so much. Yet the main elements are still the same. 5 protagonist with predominant colours vs the antagonist who always produces monsters. Out comes the big robots at the end of the show, and the signature pose when in costume. check it out!
My Thoughts
Finally a new template and a new post after so long, life has been good to me. In my final sem, trying to enjoy what's left of my studying life. 18 years! Its been long enough. Religiously, i went through the education system, PSLE, O levels, A levels and now finally my degree. Certainly not an understatement to say that i yet another "product" of this system.
Another turning pt in my life awaits. Things are definitely not going to be any less challenging!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Its kinda tough concentrating on exams when some of your friends are having IA (which means that they do not have exams), some ARE graduating! (so during lessons i'll listen to them talk about their graduation trip ), while one is on exchange (In Germany! that pig), another simply cannot wake up for lessons everyday, another one i can seldom see ,though im sure he's studying pretty hard (and he's going for exchange next sem too!)
on a happier note, i applied for exchange too! local exchange though..hope i get it even though i think its quite tough :/
getting to pass/fail ur mods is something i really look forward too :)
mood: Slack :P

Thursday, March 18, 2010

One must admit that he is growing old. time seem to fly especially quickly ever since the big 20 @@ Another 4 weeks more and its the final exams! omg.. Still cant believe it! its always been my wish ever since year 1 to be able to stop time, and slowly i'll do the things that i wanna do..haha.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

today was a slightly better day as i got my offer from EY :) and had a rigorous assessment at JP morgan .. interview, individual presentation then group discussion. felt that i didnt do well at all..but it was a true eye opener for me though, glad to have this opportunity nontheless :) happy*

Monday, March 08, 2010

im writing this on a particularly disappointing day in school..received my B+ and B assignment today which added up to 25% of total coursework for my biz communication mod, i made a mighty load of misstakes on my Tax addition, no response from EY, and i have totally no confidence in my interview for JP this Wednesday.. add that to a mighty headache and its a bad bad day.. good thing is; with the double quiz out of the way, i can finally send emails looking for event location! and to allocate work to the events mags! and to clear up some saigang left behind by predessors again! good thing about writing here is: i dont get graded! muahaha lets hope things dont get worse from here :) GOGOGO! *happy once more*