Sunday, October 31, 2004

im tired.. really tired..but im happy =) Did the roll shiok!! odac rox! love odac. frankie u suck. happy birthday shawn! you have been a great sport! shing huay buddy= maria full of grace. wingsing, you can't use a paddle to steer a taxi.Dinner was good~ i think im going to sleep soon. Pw faster end ba~ Hope Service learning will be successful.Hope Gunong Benom will be successful.Hope Urban challenge will be successful.Hope adventure Jamboree will be successful.Hope canoe polo will be week 3 star kayaking end le!Hope odac chalet will be fun.Hope class chalet will be fun.Hope what i wish for comes true~ tink im gonna get a major headache tmr morning..i pity those that have Op tmr..jiayou and good luck guys!!!

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