Saturday, November 27, 2004

perak was great!! odac proud of everyone of us!! =D
never bath for 6 days, tio sand flies,leech bites and uncountable cuts and blisters..ouchhh but still the expedition was great =) learnt alot of trekking,packing and safety tips from the seniors,guides and teachers...
DAY 1/DAY2 Reached the 4 wheel drive area..field cooking was cancelled and we ate chicken rice instead...the journey to the mountain base was great..damn exciting...the big jeep nearly topple over..haha...all was fine until the trek up to base camp..initially i thought the trek would be normal..just a warmup to the trek to summit the next day...oh boy was i wrong...with the freaking 22kg bagpack i felt so heavy..lugging the 6 men tent all the way ...10 HOURS of trekking...tio 4 leech bites on the way up the mountain already..socks became muddy and bloody..damn disgusting..den lunch field cooking was cancelled again..we ate bread...really pity spencer...taking the heavy bagpack with the ice box up the hill and small yet take such a heavy bagpack..peifu peifu....then 3 hours before we reach high camp...they were like saying "10mins more" imagine how many 10 mins more we took...grinded us down mentally at the very end...but im glad we peservered =D was the 1st grp that went to set up base camp while waiting for the 2nd grp..really peifu the 2nd grp guys...trekking in the dark and all..decided i wanna conquer the decided to try for it the next day
DAY3 ascend 2 summit.. the really long trek...13 hours!! initially the turn about time was 1.30p.m then we were supposed to reach the the end only reached it at abt 3.30p.m...2 hours behind time..but i was really glad we reached the summit..even though the senery was KANASAI and there were absolutely no nice view down...then we started the descend..where the real trek started...the trek in the dark...quite scary really..alot of visual illusions in the dark..once in a while you think that u saw a human figure right in front of u...when it was actually a plant or tree...then going up and down so many ridges..very tedious and very mind started thinking abt alot of things ..happy stuff...and this particular quote "when the going gets tough, thats when you musn't give up!!"..luckily they sustained me!!then we ran out of water..moltivational food...1st time i realised the importance of these seemingly basic items...just when we needed them we're so short of them...would nver ever take water for granted again..then we heard voices at high camp cheering for voices from heaven..haha..that really moltivated us to press on...then finally we reached high camp campbell soup waiting for us...tasted super nice...even better than those restaurant mushroom soup!! serious!!! then i ate like 3 fruits....its one of my favourite food the past i don't even touch them =/
DAY4 descend down..i slidded alot down the quite alot of mud up my pants..hahaha..but nearly strained my arm again while trying to break a heng...don't think anyone knew..haha..but the feeling when we got down to the waterfall camp was WONDERFUL......even better than when we reached the long never see water already..took the chance to clean off the mud on our bodies..shiok!!!!then we set up camp and slpt...did sentry with hendric..had a nice chat with him while cooking milo...learnt alot of stuff also..abt packing light and stuff...
REST day...played with water under the waterfall even though it was damn cold..but still of the best day..then we went for lunch in the small town...felt weird stepping on concrete ground was SUPERB.was in one of those highway stops....SAW A 6 STAR TOILET WITH PLANTS INSIDE..can even sleep inside....
DAY6 Did caving and white water rafting... caving was alright...e cave was one of those with a small river running thru it...quite cooling although at times we had to crouch on all fours to squeeze thru small tunnels...saw alot of historical drawings on the cave walls too..interesting!!!!
white water rafting was pretty sian...even though the rapids were quite swift we keep getting stuck onto the end it was quite sian.......until we started dragging people onto our boat..very interesting..hehe..
DAY7 HOME SWEET HOME....reached S'pore at about 4.45a.m then we went back to school...finished washing up and debrief by 1p.m..when the college is about to close...then went for lunch at S11...drank SUPER BIG GULP..shiok...haha..then home tired...donno got ppl miss me anot =P
overall it was a terrific experience of a lifetime..especially the trekking..really pushed us to approach our limits..really impressed by all the peeps ard me..the odacians..they rawk!!
-Gunong Benom Expedition 2004-

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