Sunday, December 26, 2004

ah ma got discharged today! after 2 weeks in hospital she's finally proud of her..anyway my ah ma really slimmed down quite food is really bland..yucks! her 1st day spent in home after so many days in the hospital ,poor girl..think she's sick of the place already..coz even i feel sick of SGH, the food,the polar cake hse..everything..e whole family sitting beside her ward doing nothing except talking...quite boring quite glad ah ma's out already :D hope she don't go back in again plspls...she really slimmed down alot..ahh the wonders of a hospital visit!!..*hints* to those odac girls
..hehe..anyway,my ah ma's quite funny...think one of her elderly frens came to visit her today ..and the only thing she kept repeating to her fren was "why u become so fat?" hahaha...then she kept asking what are we having for dinner lunch etc..poor girl , think she really missed home cooked that i take for granted..anyway home cooked food from my hse is quite bland fish one vegetable..always feel quite hungry after that...nvm..very suitable for her..haha..
hmm..these visits to the hospital let me see alot of things i wouldn't have seen normally..patients who have very little visitors,patients who don't wanna eat, patients who can sleep the whole day,patients who have to undergo dialysis everyday...quite an eye opener..but really don't feel like going back again..yup..

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