Saturday, August 26, 2006

Its been long since i've penned down a coherent sentence,much less a proper essay...felt the creative juices flowing(which hasn't happened for a long long time)..thus this entry.
well,i've just passed out from my corporal rank after an overnight 28km route march..wasn't as easy as it seemed..i realised that i've been smiling alot less ever since i graduated from JC...maybe its the regimentation of national service,maybe its the realisation of the fact that i am grown up now..i have a duty and responsibility to take care of my loved ones..I feel both apprehension,fear and anticipation..rather ironical..but that's my character i guess..everchanging and fickle.Drives Ms lee mad most and then i try to enjoy,relax, simply basking in the fun of the moment..time in which i can listen to my songs lying on the bed,having a good night's rest and a good book..most recently Tuesdays with Morrie..the book taught me alot about life,how to love people around you.I took notes even..truly an enjoyment to read.But then reality isn't always as fact i am still trying hard to learn,to be a better person.My posting orders were to signals,a seemingly slack vocation with less physical training..a sigh of relief i guess..but also gone is the pride of being a specialist that really walk the ground,motivating his men,doing all the shit we did together in bslc.tears flowed when we bidded farewell to each other yesterday,its a wonder how tough training bonds people together..i remember Hendric's saying "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger" how true it is.
speaking of Hendric reminds me of Odac in Aj, i hope everyone is doing fine now...been through alot of shit with them too,both physical and mentally..haha..thanks to a great man who had his own principles and led by example,Mr Lim.Basically everyone went on different paths upon graduation.Some went overseas for their education,some proceed to serve the nation,some continue their local studies.hmm..lets see what i can come out for them..great bunch of people..
Hendric-The very first epitome of a great leader i've seen,someone who really ensures and cares for others..a guy which i respect.
Elaine-A motherly figure who is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others,a very sentimental person..always concerned,always there to lend a hand...
Shinghuay-my buddy! likes to let her mind wander..but another kind and generous soul..always sensitive to feelings of others and helpful..a great person who constantly puts others above herself..a tough person who can overcome all obstacles.
Anisah-a quiet person..but to me she was the brains of Odac during our batch..always the one with well thought-out ideas and solutions..Odac wouldn't be the same without her.
Wingsing-a selfless person who really sticks to his principles..a fiery person with great passion for things he is passionate about...a generous soul with loads to offer to people around him
Shiqi-the fastest female sprinter in odac,always giving,a sentimental person who is not shy to show her true self,likes to offer others food...a person which made our batch more colourful..haha..
Jason-The master thinker of Odac,always articulate and clear-minded,someone who's advice i always trust.Always a great friend to have,but has evident gemini characteristics..haha,but a great man
Spencer-the quiet all-rounder,always the one to look out for details, an extremely careful person, damn smart and the lady's man in Odac.A guy that really runs like the wind,the tireless fella that learns really fast.
Ying Guang-An old time friend since days in Vs,the backbone of Odac if i would believe,an extremely strong pillar of support,someone who's always outstanding.Strong both physically and mentally,a guy whos true to himself and others.
Joseph-the smooth talker, a very steady person who knows what he wants from life,someone who always lightens up the atmosphere with his mere presence.Also a very smart guy with great fitness..another person who made life in Odac much more exciting.
Jonathan- the scholar of the batch, extremely smart and extremely pro in soccer..haha..very humble guy who never cease to lend a helping hand to those in need..a great guitar player too!
Yanlin- the dynamo behind Odac, someone who works hard and plays harder..good in almost everything she is interested in, a brash person that is extremely honest,a typical female whom i vision to be as good,if not better than her male counterparts.
Shujuan!the sunshine.With a sunny disposition, she never fails to put a smile to any person's face she meets.An extremely analytical mind lies within her seemingly bigger than normal head,which explains her uncanny talent for mathematics.happily attached to WL,my great buddy.
Shawn-the talented learner, someone who can pick up things exremely fast and extremely well,someone who nver cease to impress me since the first day we met.Also the most humble person i have met.Also a very good teacher with an extremely good temper.
Huiling- the artist in Odac, truly one endowed with great artistical skills..she is also the most hardworking person i have ever met..has the ultimate ability to separate her mind from her body,thus acheiving feats like sleeping while standing and pushing on trekking even though her body's capabilities are spent and her only way of moving is through crawling.
Well,thats about it.My 21st Batch of fellow Odac instructors.Just a brief introduction.I learnt so much from all of them.Everyone was sincere,trusting and nobody complained during times of crazy shit.Its no wonder we are the best :D
well,time to stop cause i have to go to satay club to meet up with my sispec mates now..another great bunch of people.I feel lucky to have met so many people- Odacians,my 3 great buddies,Ms Lee,Sispec mates.One day i shall write about all of them..

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