Sunday, November 25, 2007

im back :) wallaby was a great experience, it wasn't a walk in the park, with insufficient sleep, lack of manpower and the crazy weather, the days hot and sandy, the nights freezing cold. But i feel that my platoon bonded really well, undertaking a job which traditionally requires much more ppl, and putting in great effort to do our part.imagine a platoon with only 1 PC,3 3SGs,1 CPL. setting up a grand total of
200+ HMCT lines
18 RCE phones
28 remote lines (we had to trod up and down the slope countless times)
1 PA (solely thanks to nic)

during the exercise
not to mention the countless of fire fighting sessions which we had to get to the signallers who are almost nver manning their comms. Im proud we got through it and we've learnt much.
Got to know a few NS men too, and i realised that even though the NSmen were supposedly married, accomplished, mature, during reservist, they seemingly transformed into 17,18 year old lads , singing birthday songs LATE in the night, gathering and having nightly chats, catching up on each others short,they seem just like us. Seems like their NS secured unbreakable bonds on each and everyone of them during their NSF this what they call the NS experience? If so, i guess such an experience was worth the discomforts we had to put up with.The night sky was always brilliant with stars too =) nothing beats the comforts of home though.Im glad im home, home sweet home.

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