Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guess this post is long overdue :P even though hen and shawn and huiling already updated their blogs..i guess its time to write mine!! yea.
Had a great time in NZ with SSHHY (spencer,shawn.huiling,hendric,ying guang)LOL.
so much for acronyms.first time travelling with friends..great company, great activities,so much freedom..and loads of fun and laughter.
heres what we did.
1.golf in changi airport
2.messed up huilings house
3.black water rafting
4.white water rafting
6.sky dive
7.trekking in Tongariro
8.kayaking in Abel Tasman
9.mountain biking in Clyde
10.cooked our own meals (huiling did)
11.drove all around NZ in a bright green toyota estima
13.enjoyed the super wonderful scenery
14.checked out quite alot of Backpacker hostels
15.took away great memories
16.burnt a huge hole in our pockets
This trip will definitely be one of the highlights of my life.now to earn back the money!! heyho.

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