Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ok, it was fun...really enjoyed it.. :D the experience, the things we did..and most importantly the company! jo,shing,spen,hen,qi,shawn,laine
some pictures!!
spenlaineshawn qi
Anyway the event happened in Selangor, Hulu Langat...we did inline skating, abseiling, canyoning...was supposed to do rafting and fixed line ascent but due to time limitations...didn't manage to do them in the end :s Oh well as least we managed to float down the river !!
Okay, so i didnt manage to skate up the small uphill at the start and had to resort to crawling up on all fours with so many ppl taking pics!! damn throw face la.but in my defense,it was only my 2nd time skating!!thank god i have Rhino-skin..and Elaine to push and pull me up along the way!!Thanks elaine @.@
But it was all Fun fun fun!!!
check it out!!finisher medals!

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