Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Memories... im glad our brains are accustomed to retaining good ones and forgetting the bad ones... felt so nostalgic while i was poring over letters and photos from years ago just now..... so many funny descriptions of me..."laggy, innocent, happy, cute!!??" LOL. A friend once said that what we wanted in the past is quite different from what we want now, even though it may only be 2-3 years ago.even though i think its kinda true that change is ever constant, memories never change (: memories encourage you, they spur you on..they teach u lessons which can never be learnt from books.they bring a smile onto ur face and gives u a warm fuzzy feeling on a boring wednesday night. good memories (: im glad to have lived my life the way i have for the past 21 years, and for all the great memories i have had thus far....More to come yea!! Thanks people.

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