Tuesday, October 14, 2008

As tagged by shiqi, I’m going to do this MEME!

1. My ex is still: History and a memorable journey (:
2. I am listening to: My Way
3. Maybe I should: be abit more friendly in school…
4. I love: my family and friends, everyone who makes my day (:
5. My best friend(s): i hope i've been a worthy friend to them too
6. I don’t understand: statistics!!
7. I lost: i seldom lose things!! haha!
8. People say: we should aways be optimistic. but of course its easier said than done
9. The meaning of my screen name is: none!

10. Love is: feeling happy when u see that special someone.
11. Somewhere, someone is: suffering, be it from illness, starvation etc, so i should be contented with what i have.(i agree)
12. I will always: want to treasure and appreciate what i have.
13. Forever seems: like a hefty promise
14. I never ever want to: be evil!.
15. My cell phone : is a Nokia 6121
16.When i wake up in the morning:

I brush my teeth
17. I get annoyed when: i see arrogant/insensitive ppl

18. Parties are: Fun with the correct people
19. My pet(s) is(are): Joseph tay and spencer chiang.shawn is my lover.

20. Kisses are the best when: shared with a special someone (:
21. Today I: had comm fundamentals,marketing tutorial,stats lecture and Curl meeting

22. Tomorrow I: am gg out with her xD
23. I really want: everyone around me to be safe, happy and healthy.
24. I want to ask: there shiqi! doned! (:

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