Tuesday, June 02, 2009

long overdue..Another day at AXA has passed..josephine (my manager) asked me for my timesheet today..josephine always seems to be telling ppl off, wonder how long it will be till i get a taste of what its like.. :) finally got my concession pass ..think i will really need it now since next sem im not staying at hall..
been kinda disappointed about certain stuff lately..but at the same time i must count my blessings and be satisfied with what i have.yup!
just finished volunteering at sundownwith RSPID peeps yesterday!
16 hours of overnight saigang doing sentry, almost got MOBBED by angry crowd whos being held back due to a bottleneck due to bad planning of the running route. but i got a nice shirt..
ffinally met up w odac peeps too :) for chilling out session @ clarke quay
and JC class gathering as well ..
and CURL vss too ..
At the same time, i hope u at France will enjoy great happiness, fulfillment and safety

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