Tuesday, June 08, 2004

hey..back..well this entry is about our Pahang Expedition..odac one... damn fun..damn exciting..a totally new experience for me..Great outdoors!! yeayea 1st day..we met at school..removed the decorations for college day, then did a brief bag check and stuff..then we set off the Tanjong Pagar train le..had a meal at Bk before that..had Sushi and stuff also..haha..everyone was in high spirits ..very excited ma...then we waited for the train to come..1st time im sitting on the train from Sg to Malaysia...damn suaku right..hahaha...everyone was too excited to sleep liao..played card games and stuff...then slowly i went to catch some sleep..which in actual fact is damn little only...we checked in at a hotel near the train station..its like a motel really..then i think 8 of us squeezed in the small small hotel room with 2 beds...i had to sleep on the floor...not nice at all...i woke up the earliest haha..others had about one and a half hours of sleep...i washed up..put ointment at my cream..then start doing morning calls le...M-team ma..hai... damn stress .... :X even if its only for a day... then we had breakfast...had nasi lemak and roti prata..didn't feel very full even though i think i ate the most le :P wahaha the food was okay..then we packed our stuff and went to base camp...DAMN NICE PLACE...i expected a few tents in an open grass field...turns out that base camp was in a rocky place..the environment was beautiful...like a man made shelter like that..then no need to fear rain..haha ..we allocated the tents..then we put all our caving stuff in our day packs..MY bag...haha Had a quite steep climb...a leech clanged onto my ankle..1st time i see a leech..haha yesyes suaku again..quite small..then i tried to yank it out but failed..luckily it let go itself..must have sucked until its full liao..haha..then i kept slipping and slipping throughout the ascend...Wingsing kept complaining...cannot blame me..its my damn shoes..no friction at all dammit haha Then after quite a long climb we finally reached the cave...we ON our headlights..cause its very dark inside and slowly all of us entered...the ground was full of small cockroaches!!! haha they burrowed into the ground as soon as we flashed our headlights onto them...the at the top it was full of bats!!!and flies!! hahaha ..water kept dropping on us..should be bat droppings and urine...damn gross la..then basically the floor was full of bat shit ..haha don't dare to touch the ground..but bobian..cause had to get a grip in order to climb.. then i used my dirty shit filled hands to eat my LUNCH OMGOMGOMG but we all did that!! too hungry liao haha we stopped and stoned for quite long ..waiting for our abseil down...the instuctor said its 25 storeys long...i waited and waited...then the few of us told ghost stories and played the black sheep game..bah bah ..haha had supposed "bonding" session..lol..finally i cannot take it liao..told Spencer we are going to be the next one to go down...the abseiling down was okay...not much of a freefall...just pulled and pulled on the rope to go down...kept slipping at the starting though..haha ...gained a few new blisters on my hands and knees because of that :P then we reached the ground...turns out that the others below are ALSO stoning..shucks..but at least i gotta eat...so quite nice..then Shuting informed me that as m-team i was supposed to be the last to leave :( shucks..i totally forgot about that..felt quite guilty..hai... then we waited until everyone reached the bottom..then we continued the caving...the most exciting part is where we had to crawl on our backs through a short but damn narrow tunnel which is about 1/4 filled with water..white shirt become brown lor!! tsk then i pity my poor white bag also..become so brown!! then later i found out that can use rain cover to keep out the mud OMGOMGOMG im so blur!! argggggg but nevermind..we had great fun..then its another long trek back to base camp...a feast was waiting for us!!! so shiok!!! we ate damn well...then the guys went for a bath in the river..damn chilly man..the water..at most 10 degrees only..haha but it was kinda fun bathing in the chilly and kinda dirty water..but we were already so dirty it seemed relatively clean..hahaha..then the guys helped each other scrub backs..lol then after that we went to rest le...AS IF...our tent - yingguang shawn spencer me took out all the food stuff and ATE ATE ATE and played taidi..quite shiok...thats it..end of the day...i got relieved of m-team...felt quite good...burden off my shoulders, don't think i did a good job though :( The next day ..white water rafting...quite a fun day...but the rapids were'nt as exciting as expected..class 1 ma...but a damn funny thing happened...as we were all splashing at each other's rafts..all the different groups...when we passed by another raft..Mr Lim actually ditched the paddle and pulled Huiling out of her raft wahaha..it was damn funny watching her get pulled onto our raft..she was face down then it was like pulling a piece of meat up liddat..lol.. i was laughing so hard...her raft donno row until where liao..haha then Mr Lim made her row the raft for us!! bwahha ..then we had 2 free ppl on our raft...hahaha actually supposed to have one only..damn funny !!! but a saddening thing happened during lunch..Spencer went to the toilet then no one actually chopped his lunch for him..in the end he had to get a new plate..Mr Lim was quite angry about this..he said in the debrief that we only looked out for ourselves and were selfish..made me quite guilty..considering the fact that i knew Spencer went to the toilet..made a resolution to look out for fellow odacians from now on..Mr Lim said quite alot of things also.. about how we regarded the trip as a holiday and not a training camp...its quite true la...at least for me...i didn't really feel any discipline throughout the trip,turning up late and taking our own sweet time etc.. ..hai...tio scolded so many times..Then we went in the train sleeper..omg the bed is like my lover man...can sleep liao...i think i slept the most :P then we reached Singapore..man..what a trip..

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