Friday, February 11, 2005

been so long since i updated..haha zhiyuan complained decided to come and write some crap...haha this blog is dying a slow death so must revive it!!! fifififii fofofo!! hmm..don't know what to fact i have lots to say.but its really too much to be penned down already..haha..anyway..just got this quite ugly and short haircut just before new year...then some of my relatives thought im serving NS already..HAHAHAH...all thanks to who?!?!?! ask me cut b4 new year :( now so ugly..but least cutting my hair made me luckier..won $70+ bucks in gambling..started from $2!! quite weird...feeling quite tired now....think everyone's feeling the same right? last time in wanna sleep also cannot get to in JC its like wanna stay awake also very hard..shucks...wanted to finish chem notes last night one..then ..fell asleep 1/2 crap..den my forehead full of pimples..all thanks to the seawater and scorching sun...though i tot my tan was nice..until skin started peeling off due to sunburn...disgusting...
and jeremy wasn't feeling well never come school...GET WELL SOON DUDE!! missed not having u around..whacking the last stretch of e track wif u..haha..though u always leave me far behind...then ZhiYuan twisted his arms while doing the pull-up drills today...poor guy...v scared of twisting my shoulders again too..hmm...muz go down slowly everytime..den always no strength..haha..crap...feel so sluggish!! new year eat and monday got chem test..donno why im writing all these here...nvm...write already going to resume studying....stlil got tutorials havent do..but i don wanna do...wanna study for test also is so screwed up...they shld change jc 2 years to 3 years..den more time for studies and everything is like happening all at the same time and so fast... still have lots to say..but no time..haha! see my post already tag pls!!pal rawks!

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