Tuesday, May 31, 2005

how long nver blog le...haiz...feeling undisciplined....nver do much work since school end...then tmr going for overseas expedition...yay!! finally!!very excited abt it...haha..maybe its becoz its the last trip im going to have with odac..sigh..hope got the chance to push myself this time..just like last year..then really muz study hard when i come back le...work hard edmund!!!must finish all the worksheet and work given..
got this weird feeling today..lots of sentiments and feelings but when i wanna write it all down, i just can't do it...saw 2 of my previous classmates whose doing extremely well now..one top student in arts stream in another jc,the other one of the top science student...then looking back at myself...what have i done?definitely not nothing...but is it enough?hai.feel so useless

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