Sunday, May 08, 2005

my head aches, havent been updating for a long time...haven't been updating for many other stuff too...i need photos for done...any Odacians wanna read? :D but need the photos...if not cannot upload..haven't study for physics spa skill A..our last spa!! yay!! at long last..finally...but then it also implies that the A levels are coming v near..sian.....donno if im prepared anot... Odac activities have been very slack..think the main focus is on J1s now...watching them train so hard made me feel old..sian...our term is really short...many CCAs already pass out..
going for re-x-ray again next tuesday..hope there's nothing wrong with me..maybe its because my heart too kind..thats why the report never capture..haha...think everyone is tired...we really need a MAJOR morale booster in Odac..just some mindless rantering....

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