Saturday, May 22, 2004

Just had my math and gp was okay but i seriously screwed up math..had one of those really blur moments while doing the the end had 11 marks worth of questions empty..haha there goes my A, kinda sad but no time to brood..rush off with the odacians to the rockwall for abseiling training...THEN IT STARTED RAINING..!@#$%$@!$ In the end i never even got a chance to abseil...a really bad day man... Then things started to pick up..Mr Lim talked to us about IQ,EQ,AQ...about how he went from the bottom to the top ...quite inspiring really..that cheered me up considerably..then i wanted to ask Shu juan to sms Wee Leong hahaha, play a trick on him...too bad she refused to send "L love you" to weeleong ahaha....lucky u weeleong After that the some odacians including me went to eat at Mac in kovan..while eating i suddenly got the urge to play basketball...too long never play liao, too bad everyone going i ditched the idea... and went home..going to play DOTA liao... using Phantom Lancer yippy!

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