Saturday, May 15, 2004

Yay im back...had a haircut which was a nightmare........... Everywhere i go ppl pass snide remarks argg, can still remember the first day i went to school with the new haircut..went to the odac table..Joseph was like "EEEeee so toot" wtf man..i know it sux la, just don't need so many people confirming it, quite a few ppl tell me to spike..Shixiang told me he rather cut botak if he was me....WTF ..hope ppl get used to it man...and stop poking fun of me liao! Had odac abseiling today..Mr Lim was damn angry..cause we were to blur liao, made too much mistakes,he preached about the attitude of our odac batch..made us quite guilty..quite wasted also..didn't get to abseil...SIghhh

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