Saturday, May 29, 2004

Today is such a CHEAP day..haha in the money sense...had odac today..just went to school for some paperwork..then played a little bball with wingsing and yingguang..then went with odacians to gai gai in Ps. The arcade games there was FREE!!!!!haha today promotion... in the end we played arcade games until so shiok!! fingers so tired from pressing the need to flock there cause its only for today!! bwahaha Then we watched The Day After Tommorow ..such a damn nice show...absolutely chilling..hehe then the stupid Shujuan was screaming her head off in the timber wolves scene while Huiling basically kept quiet cause her head was buried in her Pe shirt!! bwahaha so funny right... made me laugh until pengz.. The odac guys so cool and composed :P Then after the movie...went for a walk in Fort boliao right...we walk and walk...and ran SMACK into a family day event!! haha so many ppl!! atmosphere was soooo good...we walked around trying to see if there were anything to kope...then got free drinks and kacang putih!! wahahaa FREE!!! GReat day man!! ZZzz nice nice day....long time never felt so good... maybe u all should take a walk around fort canning also haha

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