Friday, July 16, 2004

heyee~~ my day was great!! haha..basically this really funny thing happened today..haha , after school i went to find louisa who was with her friends ruina,eileen and shiyin, They were doing pw stuff , so after chatting a bit i went to jeremy who was sitting just beside them,haha turns out he knew all of them , wah he really very sociable man..haha then suddenly we found our minutes for pw gone, the 1st meeting de minutes, search high and low also cannot find ...finally give up then i began rewriting the minutes ..haha Then for don't know what reason Ruina went away for a while, she went to get her erhu i think, then the evil louisa and shiyin began finding places to keep her bag..tsk tsk, jeremy finally kept it in the boy's toilet..hahaha In the end when Ruina came back of course the poor girl began looking high and low for her bag....then they told her Eileen took it..haha after a really long search by Ruina who was basically just asking lots and lots of qns and calling eileen and stuff..haha, finally jeremy went in the toilet and came out carrying her bag..hahaha , he walked out carrying the red bag , laughing and laughing ......... Then they started to bluff eileen through the handphone that she took ruinas bag and i was supposed to see eileen taking ruina's bag to the bookshop... -_-" very very confusing, eileen got hysterical i tink haha and she actually excused herself from Co practise and came down looking for the the end when she saw the bag intact with ruina she actually screamed..very loudly ...gosh i think thats the 1st time in my life where i actually rolled my eyes...hahaha  

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