Friday, July 09, 2004

im boredboredboredboredboredbored stiff blah blah blah don't feeling like typing what happened, so i'll summarize them 1) Survival Camp Was fun and enriching but kinda tiring...for me i guess.The sea expedition was kinda disappointing, but i liked the part where we must chiong through the rain though...there was an instant where we left the rain behind us...great feeling.. 2)Odac EXCO selection Never really wanted to be Exco anyway,not good enough for that, so nothing much to say about.. 3)I found out that 70% of my blogs are about Odac.. 4)im really bored now 5)Common test ended a week ago and i haven't watch Spiderman2 yet...sadsadsad 6)New physics and Chem teacher, kinda uplifting ,especially the physics teacher, much better than the previous one, hopes are up liao 7)Chem lectures shifted to LT4. I HATE IT . Noisy,cramped,smelly and.... 8)Common test results...okay i guess but not very good la..hai 9)My scar, still healing, hoping for it to dissapear,doubting it though 10)My life- abit messy now... 11)My friends- they rock

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