Sunday, July 11, 2004

Watched windstruck with zhiyuan and weeleong today, we went for the reallly early movie at 11.10 am haha the whole cinema was quite empty..haha then we realised that other than us the people there were ALL the end we decided to let them be aloone and take up the empty seats in front..the show was quite nice and funny, but not as touching as louisa said it was la..haha i didn't cry unlike someone ..bleahh hahaha Ah then during the cinema we ate potato chips and drank tea which i smuggled with my deuter 30s aircomfort bag..hahaha so handy!!but then my bag became quite heavy.. Zhiyuan bought a volleyball before that..which he carried around , made him look really stupid so he went to put it in my bag, then i made him carry my bag cause all the stuff inside is his!! haha...then we went walking around boring...then we went to find jeremy, hecome abit siao liao haha all because his gf bohiu him..made him quite pissed then he wanted to bao weeleong..jeremy become very HIGH also, running around Bugis and laughing like a maniac and stuff, so scary...hahahaha in the end we bought some stuff in bugis...cannot elaborate or someone will be in trouble liao :P then i went for pw at woodlands library...really boring, nothing to say abt that..then went home le

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