Sunday, August 15, 2004

hahaha..paisehpaiseh jeremy..hehe yes jeremy helped me choose louisa's birthday present.. a very big thank you!! hehe i would find it much more paiseh if i went to buy the presents myself in those girl girl stores hehe.. okok now i shall write abt jeremy hahaha. Jeremy is another shuai ge , this time is real one wahaha not monkey zhiyuan , then hes very sociable, always say hi to alot of ppl (90%) girls , even outside school also alot!! nyp also got ,mac also got,long john also got,wahahahaha, den got alot of qing fu :X joking la haha, i always say his qing fu is Ruina btw :X hehehe..budden his very loyal to his gf one okay, so when he moody that time we all know whats the reason , cheer up la okay pal, but now everything is fine hahaha. oh yea he give top notch massage wahaha ooi i type liao tmr help me msg hahaha and he can do 20++ pull up at one go sick~ so the girls all feel very safe wif him hehe

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