Wednesday, August 04, 2004

im back..hehe as you can see, i changed my blogskin,3 times!! haha .Didn't quite like my old layout, then got very jealous when i saw Louisa's nice!! argg, then i begun searching ..this layout nice right..hahaha well, i guess i created a record of losing $80 in 3 days! hurray...haha.let me explain slowly... First i lost $50 to the locksmith when i returned home without bringing my keys along...and my parents were overseas, so bobian have to call the locksmith and he charged me $50 ... Then the stupid Weeleong TORE away my 10 bucks...yea , not joking he actually stripped the 10 bucks into barbaric..stupid weeleong..hehehe Then i must pay for the odac volleyball (cheapest $20)which i kicked up the MPH roof..haha, but i think the rest of the odacians will subsidise my alot =) they so nice hahaha.. very lazy to write nowadays...very shagged..haha oh relative from China has came over to stay for a few days. turns out that he wants to watch Singapore's National Day, he's very very good in math and science...haha, then hes sleeping with me in my room...very good...tutorial no fear don't know how to do liao..haha

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