Sunday, August 29, 2004

heyyy okay i shall write abt my "daughter" yes yes my daughter of 17 years, chio juan as she call herself, so coincidental shes the girlfren of my good friend weeleong!! through my introduction okay..hahaha this daughter of to say shes chio, shes actually not bad la aiya my genes ma what to do, but dont have to go around telling ppl ur chio , v bhb you know ..tsk tsk , why learn from ur lao pa hahaha...she never fails to brighten up my day with her vvv enthusiastic "hi's" hahahaa, in fact she brighten up the days of everyone around else should i write leh? hehe oh yes she can be a bit "zhuan niu jiao jian" at times..haha AND SHE HAS THIS TYPICAL FUNKY TECHNO DANCE SHE WILL DO EVERYTIME U TAP HER LEFT AND RIGHT SHOULDERS AND HEADS . GO TRY IT!! HEHEHEHE

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