Monday, August 16, 2004

oh yea, today zhiyuan got elected to be the Puma house vice captain haha, zai zai zai , congrats man!! haha your speech was damn funny but the suggestion was very good , yup haha orrr okay now i shall write abt weeleong, wth man, i tot blogs are supposed to be all abt me?!?! hahaha okay weeleong was initially a nice flat hair guy, but now hes a spike hair monkey wahaha, oh yea he is a bendan and bendan lurv juan :X hehehe he got gf already aiyo sian sia , why all got gf haha. wad can i say, weeleong likes running and is good in almost every sport yup, monkey ma wad u expect haha but he cant fold a nice star !!! wahaha!!! this monkey also always full of energy and he has a lethal mouth!! hehe , just like his gf :X

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