Sunday, April 18, 2004

jeebus!!such a long time have passed since my last update...lost of things have happened...i got 10 pts for my Os..was initially happy ..guess what? its not enough for me to stay in Vj...they did sooo well tt choice, so here i am in Aj...Well it ain't that least i have my VS khakis with me AJ..not Vj hahaha... My uncle passed away on tt day my posting results came out..Double blow??haha..i was sooo sad that day..will nver forget it... Oh yes im in Ajc odac now...which is fairly prestigious , being an Odacian oso means greater responsibilities and less free time..tsk tsk, anyway i decided to stop tutoring my god brother...i feel guilty abt it but i really have no spare time!! Oh yes!! i found some 3 "sisters" in Aj..Jasmine Khoo (same surname as me!!Vv qiao!!) omg hahaha, Michelle (Brown eyed hongkongie!!)... and Louisa(Japanese doll??stoner!!!!!)haha they're a cute and fun-loving happy to have found them ^^ ,so some good has come abt from my shift of schools eh?!?!

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