Saturday, April 24, 2004

well...end of odacian's outing!! we met at kovan mrt, had some food,then proceed to buy bbq stuff....bill went up to 98 bucks!!wow haha anyway Yuting footed the bill and she kept complaining and complaining and wanting us paying her back later, we advise her to keep the receipt well just in case...anyway we proceeded to Elaine's hse and had some fun stoning,playing taidee and preparing the food b4 they started playing the water blackjack...losers have to drink alot of water!!!! and they are not allowed to go toilet until their turn come again!! haha..well being the humji i am i refused to play of course and watched as poor ying guang squirmed and squirmed after downing 11 cups of water!!bwahaha.The guys oso stripped to their waist lvl and jmped into the pool,with me jason and ying guang being e exception..coz we were helping to bbq??haha anyway i had my shorts really loose and didnt want to take off my top...thus showing off my underwear :P,so i made some stupid excuse tt i didnt have extra clothes haha. later when me and yingguang and joseph were going home joseph actually said i was quite anti-social,always look sian sian,actually i felt okay...just didnt want to hold my bladder until it burst...but his words actually set me thinking.... Time to be more enthu??? Well, i think i'll start tommorow!haha .kayaking one star!! should be fun!

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