Friday, April 23, 2004

Wheeee im back!!! Kinda bored ,after a quite fun day!!! Had sport climbing on Tueday ,mr lim was away so we did bouldering..real fun!! even tho my fingers+hands+legs are damn tired now...cannot even write...gonna have a odac outing tmr..BBq ,think their gonna play Beach volleyball!! Hope its gonna be fun man... Oh yes sooooooo much things happened today....1st i got my mp3!!! YIPPY!!! And todays a day i laughed so like 4 years??haha , Weeleong went to put his fist inside his mouth...he tried so hard , to the extent of having red swollen lips that looked like sausages!! haha me and jeremy laughed to the extent of dying....the physics teacher just bohiu us and went on to teach some stupid kinematics stuff which half the class didn't understand anyway.. Ooh yes...met louisa outside homeroom today...stupid sister, jab me on my hips ...dao me this morning somemore....grrr!!! hahaha we tok alot of crap, made me happy, well little things make me happy.... oh and one sad thing happened today to one of my better friends..poor thing, hope she cheers up fast!! :D

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